Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ergobaby Carrier

So my long awaited Ergobaby carrier in the Night Sky design arrived this morning! I'd wanted one since my daughter was born, but wasn't sure how much I'd like babywearing so didn't want to invest a lot of money into it.

I'd first purchased a Petunia Picklebottom 'Evening in Innsbruck' carrier from Amazon, but when it arrived I looked it over and just couldn't be sure it was genuine. There are so many stories of very convincing Ergobaby fakes going around and I didn't want to trust the safety of my baby to a possibly fake item, so it was promptly returned.

I originally had my eye on the 'Galaxy' design, but wasn't sure how much I liked the grey. 'Night Sky' is a pretty new design - but it was perfect (I had to have it!) but couldn't find it for sale many places and definitely wanted to buy from an authorized seller. In the end I purchased from First Signs. I'd really recommend them, they had an excellent choice and I received mine the very next day.

My daughter has really entered a clingy phase, I can't even pop into the kitchen without her getting upset so this will be really useful. I've recently been using a Babasling, but I don't find it terrible comfy. THESE are the carriers I've previously tried out. Now I have the Ergo the rest are definitely being consigned to Ebay! I absolutely loved the Moby but found it too much of a faff in car parks and taking it off/ putting it on whilst out and about.

I really prefer this carrier over the Petunia Picklebottom design as it has a zip pocket on the front which is ever so handy. If I'm nipping out quickly I like to be able to do it without a bag and this pocket is perfectly sized for phone/keys and maybe a small wallet. She's already began to chew on the straps though so I just know I'm going to need the teething pads!

It's really adjustable and the waistband goes up to about 55 inches. This is a little unclear as it says 55" on the US website and 49" on the European site, so just thought I'd clear that up!

I'll try and get Mr B to take some pictures of us using it!

(This isn't a sponsored post. I purchased the carrier myself for genuine use)

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