Friday, 18 January 2013

Finally..... the nappy washing saga continues!

If you read my blog often you'll be well aware that in our house we use cloth nappies and have gone through many washing powders and methods to clean them in the 8 months since my daughter has been with us.

The main problem I think is that we have a super eco almost new washing machine that just doesn't use enough water to prevent the dreaded 'build-up' in our nappies, no matter what detergent we use! I loved Rockin' Green and the Tots Bots Potion, but even those after a while left our nappies leaking and nonabsorbent.

Enter Ecoballs...... I tried these on a recommendation from one of my fab twitter friends (thank you!). I strip washed all the nappies and boosters and then began using them.

They come in a package that has 3 wash balls and a small size of stain remover. They are really simple to use, just pop the balls in the drum of the machine with your washing and go. I was a little bit unsure, as I'd previously used soapnuts - which worked for a while, but then gave everything a musty smell.

I've actually ended up using these for all our washing for the past couple of weeks and everything has been really lovely and clean. They seem perfect for the nappies and they are supposed to leave no residue.

The jury is still out on the dryer balls. I think claims that they might reduce your dryer time aren't exactly accurate. However they do seem to soften your clothes - I've not been using and fabric softener with any of our clothes and they have come out feeling lovely.

I really hope this is the final solution for nappy washing!

(This isn't a sponsored post - product was purchased by myself for own use)

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