Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Wholefoods Market Cheltenham

So, I love Wholefoods in America - last time I was on holiday there (in 2009) I couldn't get enough of the place. So I know they've had stores open in London for awhile, but when I realised this one was only an hour away - I had to go!

It was a really pleasurable shopping experience, I was impressed by their selection of vegan make-up and beauty products (they also sell non vegan things too so you still have to read the back!). They had a while aisle of baby products and plenty of vegan foody goodies. Small was distinctly unimpressed by the whole trip!

They even had some lovely members of staff making food samples to try - which were vegan! I picked up a few recipe sheets and it definitely gave me some inspiration!

Here's just some of my haul!

The downside? It's kind of expensive. I could have easily spent a LOT, but I didn't - I was good and restrained myself. It was lovely to go for the afternoon though and pick up some of the 'harder to find' vegan items. I'm sure I'll be off there again soon.