Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Clean house.......... clean mind?

Today Small and I took another trip to Wholefoods Cheltenham in search of cleaning products. I've always been a fan of Method Home cleaning, but recently I've dabbled with Ecozone Ecoballs. As much as I love Method's laundry liquid - I'd found early on that it's just not really suitable for cleaning nappies. The Ecoballs have been amazing though - I love them so much I use them for most of our washing! Wholefoods stocks loads of Ecozone products, so I went to see what I could get my hands on.

Where else would you see a home cleaning aisle like that? I'm not such a fan of Ecover - they've been a little controversial over the years claiming to be vegan - then it turns out they test on bugs or something. They now have the leaping bunny mark - but I'm not really sure about them.

I already use Ecozone's dishwasher and washing machine cleaning tablets - I'm really fussy about both those things staying clean (as I wash baby bottles in the dishwasher and nappies in the washing machine) - and they work fabulously! I also picked up some of their dishwasher tablets to try out and they have been really good so far, even left our glass baby bottles sparkling!

Other vegan cleaning product favorites include -

Whilst we were there I tucked into my favorite vegan sandwich - a 'Fancy' Tofu Torpedo and Small joined in too!

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