Thursday, 7 February 2013

Eating Out

I really don't get to see my best friend as much as I'd like. Once upon a time we lived in the very same house, but these days we live in different towns and it's not as easy as walking into the next room anymore. So it was a lovely treat that on Tuesday evening Small and I got to see Aunty K.

We headed to one of our favorite (and ever dwindling) places in Birmingham which serves vegan food - Cafe Soya. I've tried out a few different types of 'highchairs' for Small whilst out and about, but had a new one to test out - the Totseat.

We already own a Stokke Handysitt, but so far Small just hasn't got to grips with sitting in it. I think we really need to buy the 'optional' cushion to stop her sliding about on the wooden seat. I swung by the shops before our visit with Aunty K and picked up the Totseat as once again Mr B had gone off to work with the Handysitt in his car and most of the restaurants I visit either don't have highchairs at all, or they just don't look safe. I figured we could use something small to keep in the changing bag anyway in case we ever popped out to eat on a whim.

I've been really pleased with it so far. It doesn't boost her up to the table like the Handysitt does, but it folds much much smaller and has worked well on the 4 or 5 different chair types I've tried it with so far. Small sat happily playing in it through much of Aunty K and I's catch up ramblings - and I have to say, she just looks so grown up in this picture! My baby is growing up!

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