Friday, 8 February 2013

Road Tripin'

Up until now days out with my daughter in tow have been relatively easy. Even eating out in the early days was easy - she slept through almost everything and was content to play and really relaxed in new environments. At just a few days old Mr B and I ventured out for pizza with ease.

We're finalising our wedding plans at the moment and getting ready for the big day (about 2 months to go!) so last weekend we took a trip out to our venue to taste the lovely vegan food they'd prepared for us and choose our menu. After contending with the giant changing bag full of bottles, food, nappies, clothes etc the night before I thought the trip would be relatively laid back. Step in.... a teething baby. I mean why does teething even exist? (I of course know why, but isn't it hard to see your little one going through it?).

Whilst on days out one also has to contend with baby changing facilities. I mean has the person who design such things ever even changed a baby? Whilst Small was just a few months old they were slightly useable (covered up with a big clean portable mat of my own), but now she can crawl it's impossible. Plus half of them are so dirty you just wouldn't want to use them at all. Gross.

The thing is once we arrived at the venue, she needed changing. She just hates baby changing units and often the mere sight of one results in tears. She got herself worked up the minute we walked into the ladies, and threw up everywhere within seconds. I hate to see her upset, but it's just one of those situations where you just have to get one with things. I admit I got pretty upset too, as she's not been sick since she was about a month old.

I think in essence I just wasn't prepared for the change. I never had to worry about her getting bored in the car before, she would just sleep through every trip. Now though, it's a different story. She wants to play..... after several rounds of peekaboo and episodes of Charlie & Lola on my iPhone we made it home without too much fuss. How do you guys keep your little ones entertained on long car journeys?

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