Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Suavinex 'Bentoo' & Cutlery Set Review

This is one of those products that didn't cost very much, but has been invaluable on days out or trips. Although I couldn't find them on the Boots website, I brought these at my local branch and both the bentoo and cutlery set came to under £10.

Here's Small using the lid as a plate on a recent trip to Wholefoods Market -

The 'Bentoo' is basically two compartments that screw together and have an extra rubber band for security. The bottom section can hold 'wet' foods like puree and the top section is for dry food - I use this for finger foods like toast fingers, baby rice cakes or biscuits. My favorite thing about it (aside from that fact that all the bits are dishwasher safe) is that when it unscrews you have shallow bowls you can feed from, then screw back up to avoid any mess in your bag.

The cutlery set is called the 'On The Go Set' on their website. When I first saw this in the shop I was a little confused by it. I could see that it came with a spoon, and spoon case - but what was that other thing? It's actually pretty clever once you understand it.

It's actually for creating 'in a pinch' bibs! You use a napkin from a restaurant or cafe and feed it's corners through the 'holder' around the child's neck - and you have a bib! It's not as good as using an actual bib, or a disposable like these Nature Babycare ones (which are fantastic to keep in your changing bag btw) - but if you've forgotten them or have an older toddler it'd be ideal.

Note: All products in this post were purchased by myself for genuine use and isn't associated with any company in any way.

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