Monday, 18 February 2013

What's in a year?

Yesterday marked a year since I left hospital after having a P.E. I was about 25 weeks pregnant and I'll be the first to admit - I was pretty scared. I was given so little information on what I could expect recovery to be like - and I was having to inject medication several times a day, which at the beginning was pretty scary too.

I gave birth to my beautiful daughter in May 2012 and finished my medications in August of the same year. I go for check ups every couple of months of which I've only one more to go in May before they'll consider me 'free to go'.

Am I still scared? YES. I am always aware and conscious of how I sit, what I do with my legs etc and on our honeymoon trip in a few months time I'll need to take blood thinning medication to enable me to fly safely. I consider myself VERY lucky and I'm thankful every single day for my wonderful daughter.

Things I'm Thankful For....

My wonderful daughter

Fabulous family

Mr B

A beautiful friend in wifey K

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