Monday, 25 March 2013

B. Make Up @ Superdrug

It's no secret that I love Superdrug. All their own brand products are labelled if they are Vegan/ Vegetarian and they are BUAV approved too. It's great that a large high street store is so conscious like this - it makes vegan products readily available (and affordable!)
I use their 'Thermal Protect' shampoo & conditioner, 'Expertise' Heat Defense Spray and Expertise Straightening Cream as they are all great products which I have trouble finding vegan versions of elsewhere. I use the defense spray before blow drying and straightening - I get stunning results with my GHD's!
I've been using some of their skincare range since Simple was brought by Unilever and I've been really impressed - but always wished they sold a range of make up too! I've had to rely on buying Barry M (I use a lot of Lush stuff too) from there in the past, but not all their items are vegan and I've been less than impressed with a lot of it. So guess how happy I was to discover that now they DO have their own 'premium' make up brand?
Sadly, although they are great at labeling all of their products - they don't seem to put this information on the website, which makes online shopping with them slightly difficult! I headed into the store to take a look at it today and was pleased to find that everything I picked up was vegan!
I purchased - B.Loud High Volume Mascara, B.Cheeky Blusher in Marissa 037, B.Set Pressed Powder in Light/ Medium 152, B.Prepared Make Up Primer,B.Brilliant Lip Gloss in Bordeaux 080, B. Vivid Eyeshadow in Filigree 058, Regalia 139, Porcelain 131 and Cinnamon 107. Also at the time of writing this post they have it on a '3 for 2' deal.

I've ordered an ever so pretty Unii Palette and am planning to 'de-pot' most of this later in the week. The eyeshadow looks like it comes apart in a similar way to Mac pots, but I'll let you know how I get on. Making my own custom palette really appeals to me - I'm hoping to try out a Z palette soon too!

All the packaging is really clearly labelled.

So left to right the swatches are - Cinnamon, Porcelain, Filigree and Regalia. The blusher is on top (Marissa).
So how good is it? I love the mascara and makeup primer. The blusher and eyeshadow are so-so. I think I'm just used to really high pigmented brands like Urban Decay, but I felt I had to put on quite a bit for the colour to show up enough with this. I don't think much to the lip gloss or the pressed powder. I didn't buy any of their lipsticks as I like a matte finish and they are all very glossy.
I'm really glad they've started selling this range - I'm not sure I'm convinced enough to replace some of my current favorites yet, but it's certainly worth a look.


  1. [ Smiles ] I believe that you read all the ingredients on the makeup to decipher if it was vegan-friendly.

    Nice article!

  2. Hi, Superdrug label all their own brand things if they are vegan. If you look at the close up picture of the back of the make up primer tube you can see it says 'suitable for vegetarians and vegans'. They are really good like that. All of these items I've talked about are labelled vegan :)

  3. I love Superdrug too! I haven't tried any of the make up yet but I'll be replacing my Urban Decay lip glosses with their stuff when they run out.

  4. This is so great to hear! I know superdrug did shampoo that was vegan friendly but i didn't realize they had a makeup range! Fantastic news as I usually spend a lot of money on makeup for it to be "vegan". Thanks for sharing x

  5. love a bit of superdrug, this make up looks great!

  6. I'm confused how it's Vegan, when it's made in China- surely if it's made there, then it/ingrediets ha/have been animal tested, or at least the same factory is used- and so buying these products is financing China, so I don't see how this brand is cruelty free.

  7. Their nail varnish is fantastic! The only problem I found was that they put the security stickers on a lot of them over where it said whether it was vegan or not! :p