Saturday, 23 March 2013

Snow Day

It can't of escaped anybody's attention that the weather is still kind of rubbish given that the first day of Spring has been and gone. In fact as I sit here and write this there is a thick blanket of white covering our street. So what do you do on a day when you are mostly consigned to staying indoors? Small isn't old enough to play in the snow, though next year I'm hoping we'll have lots of fun building snowmen!

Mostly we head for Starbucks. It's my guilty pleasure. Venti iced latte with soya milk and hazelnut syrup. Heaven.

We play too. Small is fascinated by technology. Mostly my Iphone.....

The booster seat she's using in these pictures is a Stokke Handysitt - which mysteriously lots of shops which initially sold it have stopped. For the first few months we had it I found it useless. I eventually managed to track down the 'optional' cushion (which is way overpriced) and it's brilliant. Why couldn't they just include it? The wooden seat base way far to slippy for Small to stay sitting upright without it.

She loves bright colours and will sit happily for ages and explore things with such wonder - it's a pleasure to watch.

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