Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Magical Doidy Cup

Once weaning began I introduced a sippy cup. The aim being that she learns how to use it and has a drink of water with her meals. The thing is - she's never quite got it. I have tried MANY different brands and types - but no matter if it's a spout, hybrid spout/teat or straw - she just uses it as a teething toy and gets nothing to drink at all. She was 10 months old two days ago and I wanted to find a solution other than her drinking her water from a bottle.

I've heard parents of breastfed babies who can't get used to teats rave about Doidy cups, but I have to admit to discounting it at first as I thought it'd be messy without a lid.

Out of desperation really I picked one up on a recent trip to Kiddicare. She's been using it for just over a week now at every meal and I can't believe how quickly she's figured it out. I still have to hold it steady for her, but she holds onto it too. I don't put too much water in the cup in one go as it has ended up everywhere a few times but it's amazing how happy she is to drink from it. I've since brought another of these and binned most of the sippy cups.

If you are hesitant about trying one, I'd say definitely give it a go!

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