Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sippy Cup Success - Klean Kanteen Sippy

I feel like I've posted about various sippy (or not) cups quite a bit over the past 6 months. You see, it's been a bit of a battle. Small likes her bottle, and just wants her bottle. She loves water though so I've been trying to define the difference between the two by only letting her drink her milk from her bottle and water from a 'cup'. I've read in loads of places you are supposed to try and wean your baby from a bottle by 12 months of age - but as a first time mom I'm not entirely sure how realistic that is.
I have tried a LOT of different kinds to find something she would drink from, but it seemed any spout other than a bottle teat was a teething toy for her - and she got nothing to drink. At one time I thought I had success with Nuby's Grip N Sip but that lasted all of about a week. Then that too was just a new and interesting teething toy. I'd since been using a Doidy cup with her whilst she's in her highchair, but found it a bit impractical for use on the go. My search continued.

We had a little better luck with this 'First Beaker' stainless steal sippy from 'Steelsafe' - but it leaked a lot and she still wasn't getting much out of it to drink. They also claim on the packaging you can buy different teats for stages from their website, but they seem to have stopped this and I can't find them anymore.
I really liked the idea of stainless steel cups/bottles that require no liner. I'd stopped using my Sigg bottle for myself when I discovered their lining contains BPA - and despite their claims I always found my bottle held flavours no matter how much I cleaned it.
I'd heard about Klean Kanteen before and even flirted with buying one, but I'd never seen them in person and didn't feel like parting from money on something I didn't know the quality of. On my recent trip to NYC I spotted a Klean Kanteen display in Wholefoods and thoroughly checked them out, but only left with an 18oz sports cap classic for myself as they didn't stock the Kid Kanteen range. I REALLY REALLY wish Wholefoods in the UK sold them!

I was really impressed with mine and have been using it nonstop, so hunted down a sippy model on a UK website when I returned. I'm really pleased with it, and so is small.

So yes, I still have to hold this steady for her and I DO wish it had handles - but she can actually drink from it, and happily at that! It states it's for 12 months+ and she's 11 months, but I'm sure she'll learn to hold this just fine. It's going to be a changing bag staple from now on!


  1. why in the world would you even feel you have to wean your baby off a bottle at 12 months. These "rules" are so silly. It is recommend that you Breastfeed for at least 2 years, so I don;t see why bottle/formula feeding would be any different. I haven't ever seen an adult or even a 10 year old walking around with a bottle in their mouth, personally I wouldn't worry about getting baby weaned off the bottle. Pushing these things only make it harder on you.

    I'm not saying dont either, but do what you feel is right for the two of you, and no one else. :)

  2. Yeah that's my feeling too - I've ordered one of Klean Kanteen's baby bottles for her as well and will continue to give her her milk from that and her Born Free glass bottles. It's comforting to her. I think it's advised 12 months as it's something to do with tooth decay - but she loves letting me brush her teeth so I'm not worried. 'Guidelines' are just that and in many cases I don't agree with them - Mommies know their babies best :)