Saturday, 20 April 2013

We All Needed A Day Out

It's totally accurate to say that planning a wedding takes up a huge amount of a person's time, and at certain points is downright stressful. Mr B and I really didn't want this to impact on Small and I think we both did a really good job in the weeks leading up to the big day keeping the balance right. Now all the excitement has died down and I'm back from our week long vegan tour of New York we were all ready for some relaxed family time.
Today the weather was just right for a picnic so we headed off to Charlecote Park which has previously been a favorite of ours.

Upon arriving we realised it was really busy! It took us ages to find somewhere to park and get everything together. We are used to finding pretty secluded and pretty spots for our picnics normally - however with it being open weekend and gloriously sunny there were people everywhere!

We did go out for picnics last year after Small was born, but with her being teeny tiny she stayed in her pram asleep most of the time, however this time she was ready to explore!

We all had a lovely day and enjoyed some much needed relaxation! Hopefully there will be lots more lovely weather this year so we can enjoy getting out and about. Small absolutely loves nature and was completely excited to see the very fluffy sheep and deer that were roaming the park.

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