Thursday, 23 May 2013

Baby Signing Fail

Ever since Small was born I've been experimenting with various baby groups and activities. At about 5 months we did a term of baby sensory - which I *think* she enjoyed, but to be honest didn't look like she knew what to make of everything going on.
Since Christmas we'd not really done anything, but post wedding I decided it was time to once again sign up for something and give it a go.

We are lucky enough to live in a pretty part of the world surrounded by little villages and countryside, however it does mean that things in our hometown fill up pretty quickly and often require a drive out to a village for a class with spaces.
Anyway, back on topic - I signed up to a 'Baby Signing' course with a pre 10 AM start time, but it'd take about half an hour to drive to it. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!
I can't be the only one who struggles to get out of the house on time/ early with a headstrong 1 year old? It's ashame as sometimes getting to these things can become a massive stress-filled chore, especially when sleep has been hard to come by the previous night.
Today we actually made it on time - but oh god I think it's time to find a new group!!! Although there is a good mix of babies older and younger than Small - she's the most inquisitive/ destructive by far!! 

Today was ultimate destruction! It doesn't help that it's held in a library and Small LOVES books. No book was safe today - we learnt absolutely no signing today, but oh boy did we pick up books!! She's not being naughty as some other parents looks would suggest - she's just exploring the world around her. I have NO idea how all the other children sit still for so long.
She's now fast asleep after the mornings adventures in the back of the car.
Time for a new group? I think so. I need  a class full of other crawlers/ toddlers where parents don't gasp at Small and loudly exclaim "I'm dreading *insert precious child's name here* gets to that stage, how do you cope?".  I'll carry on with the signing with her at home as we had a lovely book for Christmas.  
Soft play? Toddler play groups? What do you go to with crawling/ standing babies that can't get walk? Structured classes just don't seem to work for us - she wants to explore!

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