Friday, 24 May 2013

She Can Reach Everything

It has really happened now, and nothing is safe.  She can reach almost all the surfaces in our living room, and another round of baby-proofing has been completed. If she sees it, she WILL grab it and it WILL be covered in drool.
I guess as a mum I've been really learning lately that you can't afford to be precious about anything. Take technology for example - as well as loving key fobs, remotes and pressing the keys on mummy & daddy's laptops she loves igadgets. If she can get her hands on an Ipad or Iphone even for a second she'll squeel with delight. As a result cases like the Otterbox have become my new best friend. 
There was a time when I would have looked on in horror if a baby got their hands on something like that - but as I said I've just had to learn not to be precious. Within a week of having my new Iphone it's been drooled on, chewed on and attacked by sticky fingers (all well protected by a 'survivor' case) - nothing is scared with an almost toddler around!

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