Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Catching Up

I could say I haven't posted for a week for all sorts of reasons, but really it's because I've been enjoying time with my baby (well ok then, toddler). I guess I owe some of my 'downtime' to the fact I had a laser removal appointment at the weekend. Really painful stuff, and on my arms too so you just know everything and anything has to bump into them. Happy to say that was my last one on the biggest stuff anyway and in August I get to start my pretty cover up sleeve. Bye bye to bad tattoos!

We went to Wing Yip which is almost my favorite supermarket ever. So many unusual and tasty things!

So I've been making huge amounts of Miso Soup. It's amazing.

I've been giving our Tot's Bots V3's another chance (after reaching about 6 months and them becoming unusable due to leaks). I've been using Bumgenius & Close Popin Bamboo nappies in the meantime, but I'm glad to say with the aid of our Little Lamb bamboo boosters they are usuable again! We brought a fulltime set before Small was born so it's nice to know we didn't waste our money! (Although we do have over 50 nappies now... Excessive?)

We've been hanging out in our lovely local park with grandparents.

Well this says it all really. Small's now figured out how to open the curtains in our bedroom from her 'sidecar' cot. No sleep?

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