Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Father's Day

These days (now I'm a parent) I really love the days which celebrate all that we do. It's really not about gifts or cards (although they might be nice), it's about enjoying time as a family and how blessed we feel every day to have such a wonderful little girl.

Small and I made (after several attempts!) salt dough hand prints as a gift and we'd planned a day out with my parents so I'd get to see my dad too!
After pigging out on lunch at Wholefoods we headed over to Snowhill Manor.

My dad as usual took comand of the pushchair and ran around on the trails leading upto the manor making Small laugh with delight. She loves her Grandad, so it was lovely to all spend time together.

Sadly we spent a little too much time in Wholefoods and didn't make it in time for entrance to the house, but we had a nosey around the grounds. We'll have to go back when Small is a little older so she can enjoy it too :)

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