Friday, 7 June 2013

Feeding The Ducks

Today we had a lovely visit from my parents. They absolutely adore Small and always make such a massive effort with her.

We headed out to one of our lovely local parks to feed the ducks (well more like Grandad feeding them!). I've never taken her specifically to see the ducks before as I figured she was too young to really understand (and there are some pretty massive swans!).

She really seemed to enjoy if - even when said massive swans got very close!

Afterwards we had a lovely walk around the park to make the most of the lovely sunshine.


Spending simple but happy time with family is so important to me and I'm really blessed to be able to stay at home whilst my daughter is little. If I'd have gone back, I would have been at work for over two months already. That's a lot of precious moments I would have missed!

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