Thursday, 6 June 2013

Monkeys and a Picnic

The weather had persisted in being lovely the first couple of days this week do for yesterday I'd planned a day out. Small has recently become a lot more aware of animals, so much so that they give her the giggles. She'll spend ages laughing in delight - it could be nanny's cats, horses or dogs they all seem equally amusing for her.
So yesterday my lovely best friend K & I headed for Monkey Forest in Staffordshire. Now I know what you're thinking..... as a vegan I don't agree with zoos and safari parks - animals for entertainment is a no no. As a parent of a vegan child though I face a special dilema - do I stop her going on school trips when she's older? and just how do I let her see animals in order to create an understanding of what they are and why she's vegan.

I know it's not for everyone - but I enjoyed seeing monkeys swinging in the trees and roaming freely around their massive forest area. I admit I'd never seen anything like that before. With not a cage in sight (and it's nice to know they do conservation work too) it was a nicer way for Small to see animals. It's not perfect, but was a nice day out all the same.

What I already knew, but found suprising all the same is just how like us they really are. I saw mommys carrying their babies, first on their fronts when they are small and then on their backs when they are bigger - just as I have done. There is an incredible bond in being a mother, no matter what species.

After a lovely walk around the trail we all sat down for a picnic - which I enjoyed so much I forgot to take any pictures.

After we'd finished up and were so close we decided to check out The Big Strawberry in Stoke for cake & coffee only to find it closed! Not sure what was going on, but according to the advertised hours it should have been open. Fail!
We had a lovely day out - hopefully we'll get to have lots more whilst the weather holds out.


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