Friday, 28 June 2013

Soft Play........

I've talked about my feelings surrounding organised 'baby groups' before here, but I decided it was about time I tried something else. She loves climbing and exploring so why not soft play? I thought it might be a good environment for her as she's not expected to sit still!

Where do you go though? I spent ages looking at various soft play centers in our area - there really are quite a few. Most of them say they are suitable for at least 12 months+ but I was really nervous about her getting hurt by older more climby/ walky children than her. A separate baby area would be ideal but it doesn't seem that many have these. Then there is THAT issue. You know the one...... germs and stuff. I'm not in any way germ-phobic or overly crazy about that stuff but given all the children these places must have playing in them even in one day you want somewhere clean.

I think we have still to find our perfect one - I think once we do we'll visit quite a lot. To try out this whole crazy idea I decided on somewhere cheap (though I'd be happy to pay more now I know she likes it). We decided to pick up Aunty K and visit a Wacky Warehouse nearby. Between 9:30 and 3 they have Tot Club for under 5's and it's only £2.

It went...... ok. They had a dedicated toddler area, but really most of the stuff was still to big/unsuitable for her to play on. She loved the ball pit, but that was really all there was. It wasn't really as clean as I would have liked either. I guess my search continues!

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