Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Warehouse Cafe Is Back! (& gluten free treats haul)

We were really sad when the Warehouse Cafe in Birmingham closed it's doors in Feb of this year. I really feel that for such a big place it has a massive lack of choice for vegans, so it was sad to see a good place go. Fortunatly it's been taken on by a new owner with some of it's previous staff and we booked straight away for it's first day. 

Having just returned they were running a temporary menu and we've been promised more to come, but we were really pleased to see some of their classics like burgers (with vegan cheese - hurray!) and brownie.

I had the falafel (minus the wheaty wrap!) with wedges, salad & vegan mayo. It was really tasty and the baba ganoush was a nice touch. 
Sadly I couldn't eat any of the puddings but Mr B had the brownie with ice cream and I was informed it was very nice. Instead I popped into The One Earth Shop and picked up a mini tub of Booja Booja.

Whilst I was there a few vegan & gluten free goodies caught my eye. These cookies are REALLY good!

I also picked up a selection of Dragonfly burgers and gluten free Scheese (sadly the stuff they make for Tesco contains gluten, but their own brand doesn't).

Mmm coconut oil - I know this isn't a special gluten free item, but it's a favorite with Small & I. I use it to cook tempeh & in smoothies, and she loves it spread on toast fingers.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

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