Friday, 14 June 2013

Whilst My Baby Sleeps

Small and I have been really busy getting ready for Father's Day. I know it's not until Sunday, but it's the last day that I won't have Mr B under my feet! 
After all the excitement I took her for a drive so that she'd nap, and here I am sitting in the car outside the house listening to my Ipod whilst she has a good snooze (today's choice is The Cure BTW. Robert Smith <3 )

I think back to this time last year and Small was TINY!  I remember placing Mr B's first Father's Day card in her moses basket for him to find after a long night of having not much sleep on the sofa and use of the 'white noise' app on my Ipad. Memories are precious.
So as I sit here waiting for her to wake I'm enjoying my time to reflect. I'll let you in on what we've been getting ready after the day.

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