Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Yes but this old rocking horse Just nods his head And he's gonna rock back and forth

At Christmas Small was given this lovely Mamas & Papas George Giraffe, though at the time she was a little to young to use it.
A few days ago I watched her climb on his back, happily rock back and forth and then climb off. My baby is growing up. It might sound so simple, but for me it was bittersweet. 
The day she was born, really not long ago at all. She was tiny (well compared to now anyway) & beautiful. I've heard people say all my life that children grow up so fast. They really, really do.
I'm in awe of the beautiful little girl she's becoming, but already miss the baby phase.
I'm also looking forward - to baking, pictures on the fridge, playgrounds, first words, learning to ride a bike - all of it. Motherhood bring it on.


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