Friday, 5 July 2013

B. Skincare @ Superdrug

A little while ago I wrote about Superdrug's new (at the time) range of makeup. I was in there yesterday picking up a few things when I noticed a range of skincare to match! I'd not seen this before as they don't stock it in my local branch (but they do have the makeup). In the store I found it they didn't stock the makeup - it seems a little mix n match which stores stock the B. range so you might need to explore a little to find it.

I picked up B. Ready 'stage 1' face cream, B. Quick 4 in1 cleansing wipes, B. Pure Cleansing Water and B. Refined Exfoliating Cleanser. As with the makeup range everything I picked up seemed to say it was suitable for vegans & vegetarians, though I didn't look at absolutely everything so can't say for sure every since product in the range is vegan. 

I've tested out the products I purchased and quite like all of them. They certainly feel a little bit more premium than the standard Superdrug own brand range. It all seems quite reasonably priced, and it all had 1/3 off this week. I think the Day Cream was the most expensive item, but whilst on offer was under the £7 mark.

Ever since Simple was taken over I've been looking for an alternative at a similar price point - and I think I may have found it. They seemed to have 3 different skin 'stages' and a little chart in store so you can judge which is best for you. The range is certainly worth a look, and is what I'll be buying.

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