Saturday, 13 July 2013

Dear Small.....

It's been my goal to write one of these every so often so I can keep track of all your milestones so one day when you are old enough you can look back on mummy's blog and see all the adorable and amazing things you used to do. Things have come along a bit since I was your age - only the other day I sent a video of your first steps straight to nanny and grandad's phone. When I did this for the first time most people didn't have mobiles and certainly not ones that had video! It's nice that your grandparents don't miss a thing as they love you dearly. 
The past year (and a bit) with you in our lives has been so special and it was a gift to have you as a beautiful bridesmaid at our wedding. We couldn't even leave you out when it came to our wedding cake - here you are in tiny robot form with mummy & daddy.

You have really blessed our lives and now that you are starting to walk I've realised that you are no longer that tiny baby cradled in my arms. I couldn't have predicted how fast that phase would fly by. As we enter a new toddler phase your laugh and smile are beautiful and  you spend so much of your time being joyous and filling other people with joy by just being around you. So Small, we love you.

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