Monday, 15 July 2013

Mr Singh's All Vegetarian Pizza

This weekend we just happened to be hungry and in the area so we popped along to Mr Singh's to check it out. I'd heard about it before, but due to it being in the Oldbury area of Birmingham and not somewhere we ever really go we'd not been.

First impressions - the building is a little scruffy but the staff were really lovely and helpful and it only took about 10 minutes for our order to be made. If you live locally they'll even deliver!

The 'Vegetarian Pepperoni' was my favorite. They have green V's on the menu which means they can make something vegan. I'm almost certain our pizzas were topped with Cheezly.

We also had a 'veggie sausage'  pizza which Mr B ate most of as it was a little too spicy for me with the jalapenos (i am a wimp when it comes to spice).

I really enjoyed this rare treat as it's been years since I've eaten takeaway pizza. The toppings were nice, however I think the base could have been cooked a little more. I think if I went back I'd try the thin base. 
If you are in the area it's certainly worth checking out.


  1. I would definitely have gone for the veggie sausage pizza but minus the chilli because I'm also a spice wuss! Yum!

  2. We went back there after the animal sanctuary open day on Sunday (I know two weekends in a row :/) and tried their thin bases, they were so much nicer! I had veggie pepperoni again but mr b had coriander which was lush!