Saturday, 20 July 2013

This Week's Gluten Free Treat Haul

Buying foods in the UK which are both vegan AND gluten free isn't impossible, just takes a little planning and some things are easiler to find than others. Pre made bread is a tough one - almost every loaf I've picked up in the 'Free From' asiles has contained either milk or eggs. The only exceptions so far I've found is the Dietary Specials Ciabatta and Dietary Specials Brown Loaf. If there are more you have found, please let me know!

Whilst shopping last night I had a good look and found some products I'd not noticed before. Hale & Hearty have quite a big range of gluten free mixes, but these are the only two I could find labelled vegan. I've not tried the cookie mix yet, but used the pizza mix last night. It was easy enough to make up, but you only get enough mix to make one pizza around 12" (unless you make really small pizzas!). It was ok, better than pre made ones I've tried - but I think it wasn't quite right due to not being designed to rise at all in the oven. In terms of making pizza though fast, it's an option I wouldn't rule out.

What can I say? I love Orgran products. Everything they make is vegan & gluten free - many are even soy/ nut free too. I'd tried quite a bit of their stuff in previous years (Falafel mix, Egg Replacer, Pasta) but I've rediscovered it recently. I have to admit, I get excited when I see it on supermarket shelves as it's a lot cheaper than online or in health food shops. If you REALLY like one of their products or use it a lot you can buy in bulk on Amazon, it doesn't work out as cheap as the supermarket but they have quite a bit that's hard to get elsewhere.

I picked up Orgran 'Outback Animals', 'Premium Deli Crackers' and Spaghetti.

I do try not to eat too much packaged gluten free foods as many of them are quite high in fat/calories as they seem to replace the missing gluten with fat! They are more like a treat as let's be honest being able to have treats every so often makes it easier to stick to any way of eating.
The 'Outback Animals' are aimed at children and come in small packets (I think you get 8 per packet). They're nice, and I actually like that they come in small bags so you don't eat so many! They're also Soy & Nut free.
The Deli Crackers are amazingly good with dips. I like them with houmous. They're also soy free.
The Spaghetti? It's a guilty pleasure, it tastes good (especially on toast) and it's soy free!



  1. I know they're great :) It's the first time I'd tried them but will be buying them again