Monday, 1 July 2013

Vegan Park Picnic

Yesterday we spent a lovely afternoon in the park surrounded by vegans! We went to a picnic arranged by The Moseley Vegans group. Even though we aren't that local, we thought it's make a lovely day out and we are really keen for Small to meet other vegan children.

I whipped up my famous vegan mac n cheese recipe tweaked to be gluten free (I'll post the recipe soon!) and I even topped it with Pepper-jack Daiya... yum. Mr B made some of his delicious chocolate topped peanut butter rice crispy bars (also gluten free!). Everybody took something to share and it all got laid out. I find these opportunities really lovely as it's not often I get to sample other vegan's food and share ideas.

We got lucky with the weather and it was a lovely day. Small enjoyed playing in the grass and made several attempts to get stuck into all the food that was out! She had great fun playing in the grass and meeting other children. As she gets older I'd love her to have lots of friends from nursery, school etc - but I do think it'd be lovely for her to know other vegans so she knows she is not the only vegan kid out there.

We all had a really lovely afternoon and hope to do something like this again soon!

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