Friday, 23 August 2013

A Week In iPhone Pictures

We've not really been doing anything too crazy recently. We've as ever been hanging out at our local park, going to vegan picnics, eating pizza.......

We went to another of the Moseley Vegan's picnic in the park events last weekend. The sun wasn't quite as shiny this time but it was a lovely afternoon.

We've been back at Mr Singh's having car picnics - we even got vegan cheesy garlic bread this time!

I've been making gluten free cookies....

Getting new mugs to add to my collection...

Even getting my hair cut.....

I enjoy doing these 'random picture' posts as I get to enjoy and remember all the little things we do as a family, and it's the little precious moments that are so important.



  1. Those cookies look yummy and healthy too! I need to make some healthy nice snacks to bring to work so i don't get tempted by all the biscuits they offer out!

  2. They are chocolate chip, but have oats and agave instead of sugar and they are gluten free :) I'm doing #veganmofo2013 in September so have been making and photographing yummy things for my posts every day