Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Aroma Cafe Lyme Regis

We love coming to this part of the country and do so regularly as we have family here. It's always nice to be able to get vegan food and be able to pop out for lunch in this lovely town. I'd not been to Aroma Cafe before, but it's in a lovely spot at the bottom of the high street. Sadly I didn't get chance to get any snaps of the interior, but it has a lovely modern & unique style.
There wasn't many vegan choices and we had a soya latte each along with a falafel pitta stuffed with houmous and chilli jam. Despite the lack of choice, what we did have was lovely. What actually sold the place for me was the kid's menu. Small had a little platter made up of kiddie houmous, pitta breads and veggie sticks all served on child friendly plastic plates. It's so nice to visit a place that has it so well thought out in terms of it's smaller customers. They even have a kids play area.

This was my badly snapped picture of Small's kids meal after she'd already attacked it. They had also lots of gluten free options, and although they had no vegan cake today we were assured they often do.

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