Friday, 16 August 2013


I haven't posted anything the past week, well because it was that time of year once again when Mr B has to head off for work for the week (to Vegas! SO bloody jealous) and I'm home alone with the little miss. I think this time around I wasn't fully prepared - I'd done this several times already in her 15 month long life, but I think actually it was easier when she was smaller. Yes, she would keep me up most of the night (nothing has changed there!) but in the day I knew was I was getting. Now she's walking, exploring and getting upto mischief all day long! I am in awe of single parents - you are all amazing! I'm worn out after just a week!

She's also this week learnt to do so many new things! She can say cat & no (and she's been saying a lot of no, no, no!), she learnt how to eat with a spoon and use her 'big girls' straw cup. 

I've also been having laser removal on some of my tattoos which has been hard to deal with at times with a little one constantly jumping, kicking and pinching you. I've been having it around 8 months, and this week finally came the time to start my cover up. When I booked a WHOLE day I didn't reslise Mr B wouldn't be here. It has been tough! 
It's not all negative though, Small & I have spent some lovely time together and I have the makings of a pretty new tattoo. I guess I am just writing this at the end of a very tiring week! 

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