Thursday, 1 August 2013

Reboot Day Three

Yesterday was the hardest day yet! I was expecting to get the headaches and caffeine withdrawl at some point - but damn it's not nice. I was feeling really energised until evening, then it kicked in. Pretty much as soon as Small was in bed I headed off there too! 

I was trying to ease myself into just juicing by having an avocado for breakfast and then my ginger green juice all day, but by 9pm the sickness felt so bad I had to eat something. I didn't go off plan so quickly made some plain steamed vegetables to eat then hurried off to bed. I really didn't expect this to be easy and I guess this is the point where it could be make or break, but despite the gloom today I'm really determined not to give up!
According to the scales I'm now 3.3kg down! 

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