Friday, 2 August 2013

Summer Bliss

Yesterday evening as the weather was so lovely I got to head over to our beautiful local park with my two favorite people. As we only have a small garden it's nice to go over there and let Small have a good toddle about on the grass. She's really getting quite good at this whole walking thing now! 

It's little family moments like these that are so important to me. Small learning to walk, like all phases will pass all too quickly and I'm trying to enjoy every special moment with her as much as possible. 
It's now August and she's almost 15 months old. I guess I say it far too much, but I just don't know where that time has gone (apart from maybe when I'm up at 3am grumbling)!
There's lots I'm looking forward to this month - several picnics with other lovely vegans, Mr B taking some time off work and the fabulous Twinwood Festival that has become a bit of a tradition and we've been every year since we've been together. I've even got my fingers crossed for a trip to the seaside :)

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