Friday, 30 August 2013

Terrace Arts Cafe Seaton

I've been here once before, but Mr B has been multiple times. We've had long waits before, but the food has always been good quality.

We arrived to a very polite, but seemingly stressed member of staff who told us he was very busy and to take a seat. There were four tables occupied and the cafe was less than half full so we weren't sure what was going on, but took a seat anyway.

The fact that they warn about possible waiting times in the menu made us chuckle. Mr B has told me about previous visits where there has only been one member of staff doing both the cooking and serving, and the food has taken 2 hours.

We ordered a VO of the Potato Skins to start from the menu. Our mains were from the specials board - I had a VO & GF Shepard's Pie and Mr B had a VO Italian Inspired Linguine. We also ordered iced coffee, but as there was no ice we had hazelnut hot chocolate instead. 

The potato skins were quite nice. They came topped with vegan cheese (it was the Tesco Free From stuff) and the vegan mayo and salsa was pretty nice too.

 Mr B's meal looked ok, but as it wasn't gluten free I didn't try any. I was told  the bread roll that came with it was nice, but he actually struggled to eat the rest.

I'm really not sure what to say about mine. At £10.50 for a main course it wasn't cheap, yet the only thing I can say it reminded me of is hospital food (that's if vegan food in hospitals existed of course). It was supposed to be Shepard's Pie, but it was actually just TVP and mashed potato. It wasn't a pie or browned and was actually quite soggy. The best bit was the parsnips as they were nice and crispy.
We didn't stay for pudding as we really weren't enjoying our meal. I'm not sure we'd go back after this experience, and I rarely ever say this.