Thursday, 29 August 2013

Tierra Kitchen Lyme Regis

As we often visit this part of the world, we were pretty pleased to learn there was now somewhere for us to eat out. It's always exciting getting to try somewhere new so we headed down there pretty early on on our stay. Sadly the first day we tried to go it was closed and were a little confused due to the restaurant itself having no opening hours on any signage. After digging through the website we realised it is closed on Mondays & Tuesdays so we headed back later in the week.

The menu seems to change almost every day. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, but this is what was on offer during our visit. To start I had the 'Sweet Corn and Cashew Nut Cakes with Sautéed Runner Beans and Mint Jelly'.

Mr B had the 'Warm Salad of Girolles'.

I enjoyed my starter and the combination of the sweet corn cakes with the 'mint jelly', however it tasted more like a chilli jam - nether the less it worked well. I tried Mr B's and that too was yummy - delicious mushrooms with a creamy sauce.

For my main I had 'Aubergine Roulade with carrot and almond filling served with red chilli quinoa, marinated courgettes and caramelised peach'.

We had our mains with a vegan option side of 'Sautéed Samphire in a lemon & thyme dressing'. 

I didn't enjoy my main as much as my starter. It was well presented but I felt it lacked something. All the vegetarian mains on offer included cheese, pasta or pastry - whereas we had one each of the vegan mains which were both made up of vegetables and nuts. I would have loved all the flavours of my dish in perhaps a small pastry roulade or perhaps with a cashew nut 'cheese' and Mr B felt exactly the same way about what he ate. We mentioned this to our server who removed the price of one main from our bill and genuinely seemed interested in our comments.

To finish I had the 'Dark Chocolate and Hazelenut Torte'. It may sound odd to say, but considering it was largely dark chocolate, that flavour really didn't come through enough. The dish as a whole was pleasant. 

Small had the 'Vegetable Sausage with chips' from the children's menu with the vegan sage and pumpkin seed sausage. 

I am always impressed when a restaurant has a well thought out children's menu as many places just offer half portions of adult food which are often too salty or made up of complex flavours little ones don't like.

Small's meal was lovely and both myself and Mr B loved the sausages, to the point we wish we could of had this too!
Overall, despite not enjoying the mains we would still return - it's great it's opened in this area. The problems with our main dishes are why I wonder if changing the menu daily is a good thing - perhaps more regular well thought out vegan mains would be the answer. At the higher price point they set themselves at it'd be good to see them take this on board.

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