Sunday, 25 August 2013

Twinwood 2013

Yesterday we headed down to Twinwood Festival for the day. It's the third year in a row we've been, and Small's 2nd time.

The weather forecast all week had said it'd be ok, but at the last minute changed and there was supposed to be LOTS of rain and maybe even thunder storms. We still wanted to go, so armed ourselves with wellies and Small got a new puddle suit.

We all had an enjoyable day, and in previous years I've enjoyed this festival so much because it's small, family friendly and a bit different with it's vintage theme. I have to say though, I feel as if it wasn't as good this year. Some of the headline acts such as The Lamours and the Jive Aces were great, but the schedule printed in the programme was changed without telling people, and we almost missed things we wanted to see. There was also a girl who won a competition in the karaoke last year who was on at 'prime time'. I'm sure it was great for her to get to do that, but along with a tap dancing child I was left feeling we weren't really getting our money's worth. 
One of the great things about this festival is also the big selection of vintage and repro vendors they have on site. It's where I first heard of The Vintage Salon who I ended up using for my hair & makeup when I got married. They still had a big selection, although not all those I was hoping to see from last year were there again.
I don't want to sound grumpy, but they also have very little vegetarian and no vegan food options at all. Even local free festivals in parks I've been to have at least one veg*n caterer there, and the big festivals I've been to have loads.  Despite asking the festival for several years I've never even had an answer on the subject.
I think despite enjoying the festival for three years it's time to find a new one for next year with kids entertainment - it was tiring chasing Small around the main arena!


  1. Yeah it sucks that there are no decent veg options AND that they haven't even gotten back to you. I complained to Groezrock festival the first year I went and they sorted it out the next year and have had a vegan caterer serving up burgers, cupcakes and more ever since.

  2. Just to say that your daughter looks so adoreable on that rain suit photo!

  3. We went to Twinwood for the first time this year, as vintage traders though so I didn't have a chance to catch any of the music. I too despaired with the lack of decent veg options - mainly survived on biscuits!

  4. They need a veg*n food van!! I guess eating lots of biscuits isn't all bad ;)