Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A Day In The Life

Small eats a wide and varied diet. Sure there are things I repeat because she really likes them, or because it's something we can all eat together.  I thought I'd show you what a day of food might look like for her. 
Note: I just wanted to point out that this is just a sample of dishes and that she doesn't eat this much soy in a day. She does have soy milk to drink each day, but her food intake is more mixed with a variety of lentils & pulses. Lentils are an important factor as they are not only for protein but other things such as Iron. I also use a soy free vegan margarine where needed, but prefer raw coconut oil to spread on toast etc. I am not recommending that this is a correct diet 'plan', my suggestions are just ideas from my own experience and is why I have also suggested other things for that meal that my daughter likes.


This is something she eats maybe once or twice a week. Wheat biscuits, Alpro Junior, soaked raisins, 1 TSP ground flaxseed, half fruit pouch. Smooth soya yoghurt if she's still hungry. 


Tofu scramble is one of Small's favourites. It's a good chance to get some healthy vegetables and vitamins into her diet. It's a mix of crumbled silken tofu, spinach, tomatoes, coconut oil and nutritional yeast. I often serve this with toast fingers. I'll also give her fresh fruit and a couple of mini rice cakes with houmous if she's still hungry. 



I give Small different snacks all the time. They can be fresh/ dried fruit, flapjacks, soya formula, diluted fruit juice, oat bars, sneaky dad's pudding - or something more substantial like this. This French toast is made with 50/50 bread, tofu, Alpro Junior and cinnamon. 


This is a baked tofu omelet with veggie, lentil & tomato filling. Other things I might make are; mac n 'cheese', tofu potato cakes, lentil patties with vegetables, lentil dhal, split pea soup. 


This is a silken tofu & strawberry pudding sweetened with a little agave syrup.



  1. Looks good, but that seems like a lot of soy...

    1. It's just an example, she most often has these things mixed which is why I gave examples of other things she might eat at those meals. She eats MANY things that are soy free and based on lentils and pulses. She eats macn cheese, toddler nut meat, falafel dishes, dhals & curries, sausage & mash, sneaky day's pudding and a LOT more which are all completely soy free.

  2. Can I come to your house for dinner? That looks really good! It's great to see young kids eating such a varied diet - my nephew pretty much lives on grapes and ritz crackers :/