Sunday, 1 September 2013

It's Vegan Mofo!

So, it's the 1st September - I don't really know where the time has gone this year. At the start, Small was still a small baby learning to sit up - now she's a walking, (almost) talking toddler. With that it stands to reason what she eats has changed a lot.

I'm taking part in Vegan Mofo (month of food) this year, and decided I'd do something different and focus on food for little vegans. When I decided to raise my daughter vegan I tried to find recipes and information everywhere I could, but didn't find much in the way of meal inspiration. Whilst I'm always saying I'm not in any way a nutritional expert, I've done a lot of research and I hope my recipes provide lots of ideas :)
I still recommend 'Feeding Your Vegan Infant With Confidence' published by the Vegan Society as one of the best books out there on the subject, although the Viva Mother & Baby Guide (which you can read online as a PDF at that link) contains information which is a little more up to date. Both of these contain lots of the basic information you need to know regarding dietary requirements and how to ensure your child is getting what they need. If you have older children or just want to know what's coming then the Kids Cook Veggie and Healthy Veggie Kids guides are also really helpful. Just to cover all bases - if you are pregnant and want to know more I wrote a blog post whilst pregnant about all the books I'd read and found useful.
There are certain products which I'm most likely going to be mentioning a lot in recipes over the coming month - so I thought I'd start off by explaining what they are and where you can buy them.

Alpro Junior +1 Milk  - I use this as a 'milk' in lots of recipes as it has a higher fat content than traditional soya milk. The package says it can be used in cooking from 6 months and as a main milk after 1. As Small has not been breastfed, I prefer to use this milk over formula now she is old enough as it is 100% vegan (soya formulas in the UK all contain vitamin D which is not vegan). It's available in most supermarkets in the UHT milk section.

Nutritonal Yeast with B12 - This is really useful for making 'cheesy' sauces, as a topping for vegetable bakes or even as a popcorn condiment for grown ups. It's available online, or may even be stocked in your local health food shop.

Meridian No Added Salt Yeast Spread - This is handy to have on standby in your cupboard. It's enriched with B12 and makes a nice addition to gravies & sauces. It's even nice on toast 'soldiers' as part of breakfast or for a snack. It's available online or in most Holland & Barrett stores.

Pure Margarine - This is a bit of a basic one, but for those new to veganism you might not know about it yet. Use it in place of margarine or butter, it comes in a couple of varieties and is available in most supermarkets.

Silken Tofu - This is really useful to have in your cupboard and it makes fantastic puddings for little ones. Tofu is full of calcium (if it has been set that way), protein and fat that vegan children need. Simple puddings can be made by blending it with fresh fruit & a little agave. Available in the oriental section of supermarkets or online. We bulk buy ours from a local Chinese supermarket for much less than in regular supermarkets.

Other Items

Most of my recipes/ meal suggestions also contain more commonly found ingredients. Here are some of them:

Dry & canned beans/ pulses, tahini, tofu sausages, firm tofu, fresh fruit & vegetables, soya yoghurt & baby sized rice cakes.

I hope you enjoy Vegan Mofo!


  1. Hi nice to find you! I write a blog called Deerly Beloved Bakery and am based in Norwich UK! Can't wait to read all your yummy MoFo posts! Best wishes Kayleigh X

  2. Wow, I wish they had that specific Alpro soy milk in Germany! Looking forward to your MoFo posts!

  3. What a great idea for a Mofo theme. I've not seen anyone doing kids food before.

  4. Thanks :) Hopefully it'll be useful to people with little ones, I really struggled to find UK based stuff for inspiration.

  5. Great theme! I do not have a kid, but I like to read about vegan babies and kids, 'cause maybe it will come in handy in the future.
    Looking forward to read more posts :-)