Thursday, 12 September 2013


So, this has nothing to do with my theme for Vegan Mofo - but don't worry, normal service will resume shortly. 
I've been thinking about being more healthy for a while, and some of you may have noticed I've tried a few things over the past few years - The Mcdougall Diet, Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Juice Reboot - just to name a few. I'll admit it, I didn't do very well on any of them. The important thing is that I've taken away the knowledge of WHY they didn't work for me. I've had a pretty rough time health wise over the last few years that started during pregnancy. I want to get healthy, and weight loss is a part of that - but not my main drive. "Get Healthy to loose weight, not loose weight to get healthy" - after all, even skinny people get diet related illnesses such as diabetes. I had  Hyperemesis, a Pulmonary Embolism and Gestational Diabetes whilst pregnant. On top of that I've had various digestive issues since having my Gallbladder removed 7 years ago. It was really miserable, but I'm determined to change for the better. I'm absolutely fed up of feeling terrible. I want to be a role model for my daughter, and able to keep up with her without feeling ill!
Most recently I tried the Juice Reboot after watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. The problem with this is that I felt ABSOLUTELY AWFUL whilst on it. I kept hearing promises it would pass, and then I'd feel great - however this just didn't happen for me. I think juicing can be a great part of a healthy diet and I intended to carry on including veggies juices, but the reboot approach didn't work for me.  
Weight Watchers I feel is really quite unhealthy, and the same goes for Slimming World. They don't teach you how to eat in a better way for life, why would they? If you keep going back they make money, and they are both businesses after all. 
The Mcdougall Diet is a different proposition. I think it's ideas are in the right place, but for me having no fat in my diet at all just didn't work. I lost a little weight for the first few weeks, but then it stalled and I had bad skin & hair too. 
All these plans and methods make weight loss seem so complicated, but really I guess it's simple - just not what most people want to hear. 

Eat Less Calories
Eat Enough Protein
Eat Less Sugar & Carbs
Eat More Veggies
Right Amount of HEALTHY fats

I'm at a stage in my life where I know it's better to change FOR LIFE and the benefits be more gradual than embark on crazy, unsustainable diets. 

A few books I've been reading lately:

These two books are well worth a read for different ideas about weight loss. My opinions about coconut oil are vastly different after reading that book - my metabolism has always sucked, but the right amount of coconut oil can boost it. 'The Kind Diet' is really eye opening and an all round lovely book. I feel more positive and well armed going forwards than I did before.

I'm not going to try and make every change I need to all at once. I've tried to do that before & failed. I've recently cut Gluten from my diet, but am going to be more strict about it - on my recent holiday I was left doubled over in pain after being lax and eating a bread roll. The first things I'm going to try and change are:

Drink at least 2.5L of water a day
Cut out processed sugar & aspartame 
Change/ pay attention to oils & fat

I'm going with my husband to look around a few gyms at the weekend. I've been a member a few years ago, but admit I used to swim for pleasure then instead of having any real goal. Yes, I'm nervous. I know I'll be a sweaty mess, but it's something I've got to do.


  1. Hey! I saw your blog on mofo, I'm new to vegan stuff and like your blog tons !

    I've been reading a English blog called NaturalveganEcoMom , the girls lost 5 stone and writes about it - you should write to her. I emailed her & she messaged me back with loads of ideas to help me .
    I think I nbeed to loose weight from being in college for 4 years solid too much booze has got to my butt!

    I really struggle when my local Walgreens is 2 mins away and they sell vegan treats!

  2. Hey! I saw you comment on the vegan Brighton blog, maybe ask her for ideas ?

    I agree with the above , the vegan Eco mom blog has good tips . Try the sunwarrior once a week , or email her, I think her names Lauren, I emailed her a while ago , she took a while to reply but gave me in depth info ,

    I'm in NYC too, saw your honeymoon pics, where did you get married ? Would love to see vegan wedding pics of everything .

    Gabriella casanoia

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. I've been a fan of Sunwarrior protein for quite a while now - the vanilla is my total favorite!
      I got married in Wales at an all vegetarian country house - it was really lucky to find a venue that could provide us with amazing vegan food! I still don't have my wedding pictures sorted out, but as soon as I do I'm planning to write about it on the blog. It is on Rock n Roll Bride though if you want to see some of it? -