Saturday, 28 September 2013

Time Together

Things that have characterised this week have been walking, eating at Pizza Express (more than once), Small saying 'oh dear' & 'good girl' (many many times), driving, beaches and custard doughnuts.

Small enjoyed her first ferry ride, ate dough balls and walked most of the way  around Blackgang Chine and everywhere else we visited by herself. I've really been aware of her growing independence recently. She expresses what she does and doesn't want, and confidently explores new places with the occasional glance backwards to check Mommy or Daddy is still there.

I love weeks like this where I also get some time just with Mr B. Small had a day trip on a steam train with her grandparents whilst Mr B and I had a day out. It's so hard when you have young children to spend time alone with your partner. I adore spending time with Small, but as she demands 24/7 attention at the moment with her co sleeping ways it's nice to have a few hours to be able to concentrate on each other.

We went upto The Needles armed with our National Trust cards and walked along a cliff (I didn't get too near in that picture as it was a long way down!) to see the Old Battery. 

It has been nice to squeeze in a trip away before Autumn well and truly sets in. We even got a few days of sun & Small went paddling in the sea.


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