Friday, 20 September 2013

Vegan Toddler Snacks

I'll say before I even start discussing this one - I prefer to make home made snacks for Small, but busy mum's will know that's not always possible. It can be really useful sometimes to be able to throw something in your bag, or grab something from the cupboard. 

I found that Ella's Kitchen & Organix in the UK have quite a few things which are suitable. Do please check the packets though as ingredients can change from time to time. Ella's Smoothie pouches, nibbly fingers and Puffits are ok at the time of writing. 

Something Small really enjoys are home made flapjacks. I make a sugar free toddler friendly mix which I cut into small fingers once baked or dehydrated and keep in a jar - I'll post the recipe before the end of vegan mofo.
What do your vegan kids like to snack on?


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