Sunday, 13 October 2013

Dabbling With Raw Food

Here's a shot of the inside of my dehydrator full of nacho style kale chips. I thought I'd start off with this, as it was trying Inspiral Kale chips from Wholefoods Market earlier this year that got me interested in raw food. I'd had brief glimpses into it before mainly through Aloka in Brighton, but apart from the raw mint choc chip ice cream I shared with Mr B the weekend we got engaged I wasn't really impressed. I had the strangest meal I've ever had at Aloka which I suppose put me off.
During our Honeymoon we visited Pure Food & Wine in New York. I'd been dying to try it out after loving the 'Raw Food, Real World' cookbook. We tried the chef's tasting menu and it was really inspiring.

I've been since experimenting with raw soups & smoothies (as well as making lots of kale chips!), but have found it difficult to branch out as I haven't really known where to start. There seem to be lots of raw 'cookbooks' out there that rely heavily on nuts & oil and don't actually use as much fruit and veg as you'd expect. Oh and every recipe takes 3 hours to prepare! With a toddler taking up much of my time this wasn't very realistic - I mean I don't mind that things take 12hrs or whatever to dehydrate, but I needed ideas that were pretty light on the prep time before that.

Raw soup is great because it's SUPER quick and easy. Just prep your vegetables and whiz them in the blender. I'm still struggling with texture however - we have a pretty high powered Kitchenaid blender, though I'm led to believe I won't get the creamy smooth texture I'm after without a Vitamix. If anybody has any tips, please please share!

I'm loving reading. 'Eat Smart, Eat Raw' by Kate Wood (Kate Magic) at the moment. The recipes seem to be just what I've been looking for - quick and easy! I'm going to set up my sprouting jar and make some raw crackers later in the week - I'll let you know how I get on! 

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