Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Life is a cycle: you go from strangers, to friends and then back to strangers again

This is rather an unusual blog post for me. I usually try to keep things light and reflect on the happier milestones of life, but thought it was a worthwhile subject as I'm wondering how other parents handle similar situations. 

After a lovely weekend and night away we returned home to find one of our beloved guinea pigs had passed away. I was terribly sad as I always am when something like this happens. She'd been in my life for four years and had been around when some of my saddest and happiest memories had been made. It's obviously not the first time I've lost a pet - my beautiful bunny Lola died last year which was also incredibly sad. 
It had me wondering though, as an adult I am able to rationalise that it is all part of nature and everything has a life cycle - yet as a child I found it particularly hard to deal with. In a way I was relived that Small is not yet old enough to really understand that anything has happened. 
It got me wondering, how do other parents explain the death of a companion animal to their child? I am keen to be honest with her about it, but don't want to upset her too much. It's not a nice thing to have to consider, but we still have our two rabbits Miffy & Molly and Cecil the guinea pig - as Small gets older it's sadly a situation we are going to face sooner or later. She loves watching our furry friends, and even loves to stroke and play with my mum's cats - hopefully it's something I won't have to face for a few years yet!!
I'd love to hear how you deal with similar situations!

RIP Betsey <3 

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