Thursday, 24 October 2013

Noticing Things Around Me......

Recently we've been making good use of our National Trust memberships and having mini afternoon adventures to keep Small occupied and give her some time to run around outside. We headed to Baddesley Clinton as I'd heard they had some Halloween scarecrows and thought it'd be fun.

They had a wide variety of scarecrows - my absolute favorite was Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas. Small wasn't a bit frightened and loved every minute of it shouting 'Hello' at all of them.

Something I've really been enjoying this year is noticing all the seasons. In the past I didn't have time to notice the little things and with work and other things going on I'd just let things pass me by. I'm really lucky that Me B works so hard so that I can be at home with Small and enjoy these things with her. We played with acorns, chestnuts and conkers and in all the flame coloured leaves.

If you have any National Trust properties nearby it's so worth getting a membership - it's great value if you use it and many of them have nice kid's playgrounds. We don't have much of a garden so it's nice to get outside, but visiting these places is way more fun than a garden anyway!

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