Thursday, 17 October 2013

This Week's Raw Treats

I've been making a big effort this week to include more raw food in my diet as part of my trying to be healthier. I've been starting my day with a smoothie and trying to have one other fully raw meal. As a BIG treat Mr B brought me these lovely Raw Health truffles home one evening after work.

I've mostly been keeping it simple - this lunch was made up of pre made raw Italian crackers topping with avocado, red onion, tomato & romaine.

Now to the thing I'm most proud of. This week I not only made my first raw pizza, but that involved making my first pizza crust and nut cheese! 

I think I've got some room for improvement, next time I'm going to try using rejuvelac and making a slightly fermented cashew cheese. I used marinated oyster mushrooms and a simple tomato sauce made up of just tomatoes, garlic, basil - with a dash of sea salt & oil blended until smooth.

The base is a simple mixture of almonds, ground flax and herbs - spread out and dehydrated for about 8 hours.

I'll post the recipe once I've practiced a bit more, but I'm pretty pleased with my experiments so far.



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