Friday, 29 November 2013

Friday Foodstuffs

If you read my blog often and follow me on Instagram then you have almost certainly noticed that I quite often post pictures of what the toddler is eating for lunch or dinner. In fact, I'll be honest there are loads pictures of those little divided plates popping up everywhere. It's because of this that I've decided to start posting meal inspiration every Friday and show you some of what Small has been eating that week. If I have recipes I'll post them separately!
As this is the first one it's a collection of all the pictures from the last month or so that have been cluttering up my desktop whilst I decided what to do with them. The thing is, I'd like to see your vegan kid's meals too. If you use Instagram use the hashtag #matryoshkavegankids and #vegantoddler so we can all have a look at what you've been cooking!

Veggie Fingers, Organic Ketchup and a mix of Rice, Edamme, Spinach & Quinoa

Tofu Sausages, Organic Ketchup and 50/50 Toast with Pure Sunflower and Low Salt Yeast Spread

Falafel Balls with Pitta Pockets, Salad, Houmous and potato chips

Tofu & Veggie Korma with Rice

Baked Tofu, Veggie Fingers with Broccoli, Peas, Sweetcorn, Parsnip mixed with soya cheese

Sweet & Sour sauce with Pineapple, 'Chicken' Balls and Rice

Vegg and Toast Soldiers

Tofu Scramble


  1. Great! I am so grateful for your blog. Many thanks!

    1. Thank you! I'm always really touched to hear people are enjoying the blog x x

  2. Perfect for breakfast! :)