Sunday, 10 November 2013

Garmin Swim Review

This isn't the kind of post that I would normally do, but a while back I mentioned I'd been kindly sent a Garmin Swim to try out and help me on my journey back into the gym. I'll admit it, I haven't completed the 0 to 1650 in Six Weeks challenge, but as my gym membership only really got sorted out a couple of weeks ago I think I can be let off. I have however been putting the swimmers watch to good use and found it has been a really useful insight into my swimming.

This is my summary of my first swim with the watch once uploaded to Garmin Connect. I'll have to admit, having been away from swimming since before I was pregnant (over two years) I was pretty impressed I managed 1500m which is only 150m off from the target of the challenge. Granted, I've some work to do on time and swim efficiency - but hey we've all got to start somewhere! If you follow me on Instagram you'll have noticed I post my swim summaries on a watch - this is it!

There are lots of really in depth technical reviews of this product out there, but my goal is to review it as a newbie just getting back into swimming. The important things to me are the number of lengths, distance, time and calories. I have set up my custom screen on the watch to show me what I find important DURING the swim which is distance, number of lengths and calories. I cannot tell you how liberating it is to swim without having to worry about counting laps in your head and glancing at the clock on the wall! I spent many hours of my youth doing just this, whereas now I swim with this watch and a waterproof mp3 and I actually find the whole experience really relaxing.

The watch is waterproof to 50m and is powered with a button battery which I've heard will last the average user around 12 months. This is really handy as it means I never have to remember to charge it! It comes out of my gym bag to swim with it and sync it after and that's it - no forgetting it! It comes boxed with manuals and an ANT+ usb dongle for your computer so you can wireless sync to Garmin Connect. I do wish you could sync the watch with your phone, so many 'fitness' trackers these days do so. I find I mostly use mobile devices as the toddler loves to play with the laptop keys so I generally end up not using it, so I've had to make a special effort to start it up to sync my swims.

My only other gripe isn't anything to do with the function on the watch, but how it looks. It's quite chunky on my wrist, which isn't a problem as I don't wear it as a day to day watch (although you could) but I wish it came in a slightly more feminine version as they do with many of their running watches.

Overall I'm really happy with it so far - it's helped me keep track of my swims and I'm starting to very slowly improve my times which I wouldn't know if I wasn't using this. The menus are simple enough to get used to and the display is nice and clear so I can see it with a quick glance whilst swimming to see how I'm doing. You really don't have to be an athlete to find something like this useful! The other plus point for me is that it (albeit unofficially) syncs with my Fitbit dashboard. As Fitbit doesn't work in the water previously it was a case of estimating my swimming workout - now I can sync the data to it's dashboard I have an overall picture of my activity levels which is a little more accurate. Yay!

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  1. I 'm totally going to check this out , thanks for sharing it!