Sunday, 15 December 2013

Cutlery and Dinnerware for The Toddler

I've written before about the plates/ bowls/ spoons we loved to use for Small when she first started weaning but I've been thinking just lately about how her needs have changed now that she's almost 19 months old. Her independence has grown massively and she has been for quite some time a confident self feeder.
I don't find the plastic weaning spoons we used then any use now, but she does still use the Oxo Tot silicone feeding spoons we liked so much back then. In fact Oxo Tot is probably our favorite brand (and is the make of most of the plates/ bowls you see in my pictures).

My favorite items are probably the flippy snack cup, divided & training plates, fork & spoon set, baby blocks freezer storage pots and the small & large bowl set.

Now she's started using a spoon and fork the training plates are excellent and the high plastic rim around the outside helps her to pick up the food and stops it going everywhere.

I love the snack cup - we've brought a few of the Nuby ones in the past but this is the easiest for her to actually use. We use it for snacks like raisins and cereal and it stops some of the mess.
 I didn't really like the sippy cup set as I found the silicone valve inside starting to fall out inside during use after just a couple of uses. It does turn into a trainer cup though, so I'm holding onto those parts to give it a go when she's ready. 

Another brand which is working out well for us at the moment is the Anyway Up Cup's range. Until recently I've really struggled to get Small to stop using her Klean Kanteen baby bottles. I was hoping to be able to just move onto the Klean Kanteen sippy spout bottles which she'll drink water from, but it seems - not 'milk'. The 'Tweet' cups and the classic beakers have been great as they can go in the dishwasher, don't have any annoying detachable valves and most importantly Small enjoys drinking from them. 

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