Friday, 20 December 2013

Friday Food Fun

This week has been a little different when it comes to meal prep. Even though all three of us are vegan it can still mean 3 different meals are cooked as we all have separate requirements. I've really been trying to change this so it's easier. I adore the Happy Herbivore books so decided to give the meal plans a whirl and try gluten free, soya free, oil free plant based eating! I'm loving all the food and feel great. As I've been cooking from scratch for myself 3 times a day I've been adapting these meals so they are also suitable for the toddler by adding in healthy fats and a few ingredients here and there (like tofu) for her. It has actually worked out really well and I really want to keep it up! As usual, here is a selection of what she's been eating this week....

Sweet Potato & Pea Curry with Brown Rice

Lemon 'Chicken' & Noodles

'Carrot Cake' Spelt Pancakes

Tofu Potato Cakes with Hummus & Veggies

Blueberry Spelt Muffins

Moroccan Chickpea Stew with Brown Rice

Portobello Mushroom 'Burger' with Avocado, Salsa & Sweet Potato Fries

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