Friday, 13 December 2013

Friday Foodstuff

Here we are again and it's Friday! Hope you've all had a fantastic week and have lots of fun planned for the weekend - here is a selection of what Small's been eating this week!

 Pine Nut Falafel Bites, Houmous, Olive Ciabatta and Wheaty Salami

Ella's Kitchen Lots of Lentils

Green Juice, 'Sausage' Panini and Carrot Cake from Burst (okay this was more Mr B and I than Small)

Homemade Bean Burgers, Soya Free Cheezly and Toast Fingers

Tofu Sausage, Toast with Low Salt Yeast Spread and Sweetcorn

Cheaty Toddler Risotto with Edamme, Quinoa & Nutritional Yeast

Organix Mighty Soups Hearty Root Veg & Beans

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